Zodiac Stones for Aries: 5 Crystals to Support Your Personality

Spring into Aries season, ready to invite creative new experiences into our lives. These zodiac stones for Aries can fill the road ahead with fun and abundance.

The stars align in the shape of a ram during Aries season, and within the symbolism of this animal, we understand the bounding energy of those born with the cosmic shift of the spring equinox. 

Take mountain goats, for example, a species found in the U.S. and Canada. Because of their strong shoulders and steady feet, they can leap a 10-foot canyon gap or balance on mere inches of crag. 

Those with the sign of Aries show an eagerness to leap forward into new beginnings, but they have the tendency to abandon the trail mid-journey, impatient with slow progress. Aries season offers everyone the opportunity to start something new with an open mind and an eye for creativity. 

5 Best Zodiac Stones for Aries

We can embrace this season of change by using these crystals to activate and balance Aries energy… 


One of the most representative of the zodiac stones for Aries, Carnelian encases a fiery energy within. Aries tend to take the lead with assuredness and courage, but this can cause them to feel deflated and uninspired if they don’t see the same enthusiasm and effort in others. 

Carnelian brings Aries back into balance, inspiring foresight and reigniting stamina to push ahead.


Natural-born leaders can struggle to hear the contributions of others. This definitely encompasses a weakness in Aries. Bloodstone helps ground and root Aries in communion with the team, attentive to the ideas and efforts of those around them.


Another of the supreme Aries Zodiac stones, Citrine generates energy to spark the jump into something new. IT aids in manifestation by pushing Aries to fulfill their intentions and complete tasks. This stone also eases any leaning towards stubbornness, opening Aries’ mind to constructive criticism and feedback.

Black Onyx

Because action drives Aries, we need to counter that with pause to reflect and contemplate. As a zodiac stone for Aries, Black Onyx enables centering and calming so that we can tap more into our mind and spirit. Black Onyx fortifies our sense of strength and courage. 


Garnet’s aura also reinforces our strength and adds a protective shield as we set out on our new path. In the eagerness to start something new, we sometimes blindly trust in the enthusiasm of others, but in reality, not everyone has our best interests at heart. Garnet facilitates symbiotic partnerships and truthful connections. 

How to Use These Aries Zodiac Stones

Take hold of the Aries energy to begin a fresh, exciting journey. Use crystals in ways especially attuned to Aries season to boost vitality, enthusiasm, and adventure:

  • Chakra Healing With Crystals – Concentrate on the lower chakras – namely the sacral and solar plexus – as Aries tends to focus on physical action.
  • Meditate With Aries Crystals – Balance the physical with the mental by finding mindful practice.
  • Wear Crystal Jewelry – Especially bracelets as our wrists hang nearest to these potent chakras.

Final Thoughts

These zodiac stones for Aries help us shift into a new lunar cycle to explore the unknown and find joy in what’s ahead. 

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