How to Cleanse Crystals and Stones: A Simple Guide

Learning how to cleanse crystals and stones is simple with some of our favorite techniques. Give your crystals nurturing care to enhance their powerful gifts.

For people cleanses have beneficial effects on the body but aren’t totally necessary. Our amazing body systems, if we keep them healthy, do the work for us without much need for attention.

Crystals have embedded earth vibes that keep their frequencies continually charged, so we need not perform charging rituals. However, without in-built purification systems to maintain optimal health, crystals need care through cleansing techniques.

Here, we’ll reveal some great options for how to cleanse crystals and stones.

How to Cleanse Crystals & Stones: Our Favorite Methods

With the following methods, your crystals will receive powerful purifications, and then you’ll get to benefit from what your stones put out.

Cleanse Them With Sound

Sound sends vibrations, oscillating through a crystal’s molecules to cleanse them. After a sound bath, they settle back into the crystal’s natural rhythm. We can use many instruments, from chimes, singing bowls, drums, or humming.

We believe strongly in sound bathing’s cleansing effects. In fact, every crystal purchased from Dance with Stones receives a cleansing ceremony before leaving with its new owner.

Smudge Them

Smudging involves burning bundles of herbs or incense. The healing smoke wafts over crystals, captures negative energy, and dissipates it.

During this fantastic procedure for how to cleanse crystals and stones, our own aura and space benefits as well.

Bury Them in Mother Earth

Crystals hold a pure relationship to Mother Earth that aids in how to cleanse healing stones. Burying stones brings them in contact with the earth, which drains any negative energy into the soil where Mother Earth neutralizes it.

Crystals should be placed into natural-fiber sacks before burying them in the ground or in a clay pot. Find a peaceful space to bury your stones without disturbances like heavy footfall.

Place Them in the Sun or Moon

For crystals that can safely rest in the sunlight, its light waves can produce purifying energy. The moon has a similar effect. Leave stones in the sun or moon for at least 24 hours to fully cleanse them.

Always check the conditions suitable for specific stones so as not to cause damage to delicate stones.

With Your Intention

Sending purifying intentions is another powerful way to know how to cleanse crystals and stones. Simply hold your crystal and visualize a wave washing over the stone carrying negative energy away.

How to Know When to Cleanse Your Crystals

Knowing how to cleanse healing stones includes recognizing when they need it. We constantly exchange energy with our healing stones, so make crystal cleansing a habit.

Before healing rituals, cleanse your crystals to ensure maximal restorative energy and to safely discard any negativity that is leftover. After other people handle your crystals, cleanse them since you can’t always recognize the energy transferred between that person and your stones.

Final Thoughts

When we learn how to cleanse crystals and stones and regularly take time to do it, these amazing natural tools offer us even more healing energy to bring us closer to wellbeing and balance.

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