What Crystals Are Good for Healing? A Simple Guide for Natural Relief

To heal, we have to dress wounds inflicted on the body, mind, and spirit. Learn what crystals are good for healing to use these natural tools for relief.

Medical professionals refer to wound healing in three phases: inflammatory, proliferative, and remodeling. When triggered by our body’s immune system, they sync and overlap in process to relieve and protect the body. 

We can, and should, think about these phases for mental and spiritual healing as well. 

We feel inflamed with physical or emotional pain, proliferate defenses towards healing, and remodel our behaviors and actions to return to balance. The healing process better prepares us to face obstacles in the future through a myriad of techniques and tools.

Let’s explore a holistic method and determine what crystals are good for healing…

What Crystals Are Good for Healing?

Whether we need physical, emotional, or spiritual relief, we can look to these stones to guide us towards healing.

Clear Quartz

When learning what crystals are good for healing, Clear Quartz is the master because it contains the energy of the light spectrum. It boosts our vitality so our bodies and minds can do their healing work.

Physically, Clear Quartz revs up the circulatory and immune systems. It helps us concentrate so we can understand the roots of pain and direct positive healing vibes that way. 

Rose Quartz

Healing works to heal the heart, whether we’re experiencing heartbreak or disappointment in our physical ailments. Its pink hues ripple into the heart to encourage compassion and love. 

Rose Quartz emits calm, soothing vibes of relief and understanding. This stone is especially useful when dealing with wounds related to relationships.


Sometimes, we inflict pain through our thought patterns, and knowing what crystals are good for healing can lead us to deep spiritual insights. Amethyst targets the damage we create for ourselves and brings awareness to our mental turmoil. 

Using Amethyst in healing illuminates our spiritual needs. By finding sincere intention, we settle our troubled mind with renewed energy that heals.


As we heal, we need to find joy again, and that’s where crystals with healing properties like Citrine can shine. Citrine infuses our aura with sunny energy to rejuvenate positivity and replace negative experiences of pain. 

This stone’s energy cleanses, so that we can emerge from pain and injury detoxed of negativity and revitalized to take on what lies ahead.


Selenite harnesses immense amounts of healing energy. Its glowing white texture opens our spirit to discovery and healing. 

This crystal never has to be charged and is always ready to offer relief. It cleanses other healing crystals, so using it alongside any of the other four crystals above will benefit a robust holistic treatment plan.

How to Use These Crystals for Healing

We can put these amazing crystals to use to promote holistic healing and improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Here are some ideas:

  • Rub tumbled stones on points of pain or pressure nodes
  • Rest crystals on unbalanced chakras
  • Soak in a crystal-infused bath
  • Drink an elixir made from soaked crystals (NOTE: Don’t use water soluble stones!)

Final Thoughts

Healing is a process that works to restore us back to wholeness and unity. Knowing what crystals are good for healing places the process in your grip, ready whenever you need it.

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