Crystals and Stones for Anxiety: Calming Support for Stress

Unavoidable obstacles lie along our path. We can control how we react to the stress they cause with crystals and stones for anxiety to steady our resolve.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 40 million U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder every year. Anxiety manifests in ways that shake our core: stress at work, anxiety in relationships, and panic over major life choices.

When we wield tools to cope with these feelings, we heal physical and emotional damage caused by stress. Crystals and stones for anxiety project soothing vibrations that counterbalance these nervous frequencies.

What Crystals Help With Anxiety?

Crystals have different vibrational healing ranges that are beneficial for different aspects of our lives. Here are some of our favorites for easing stress and anxiety…


Amethyst’s grand purple hues send energy towards our thoughts. As we get to know our inner spirits with Amethyst, we discover the origins of our anxiety and what influences its appearance in our lives.

We can investigate our approach to anxiety and develop healthier reactions that align with our true nature.


The Peace Stone, Lepidolite, has transformative properties to replace anxious thoughts with an optimistic mood. For those suffering with severe anxiety and medically-diagnosed conditions, Lepidolite’s second moniker, the Stone of Mental Health, hints at its wondrous healing vibes.

This crystal contains lithium, commonly found in anti-anxiety medications. It won’t erase worry but allows sufferers to cope with anxiety so they can stay present and thrive in the moment.


If we can’t quite articulate the exact cause of our stress, then anxiety grows. In exploring what crystals help with anxiety, stones like Sodalite target the throat chakra to facilitate expression as we seek help in times of chaos.

Known as the Stone of Intuition and Logic, Sodalite reveals the roots of anxiety and hones our intuition. We can rationally recognize and control the situations that trigger our stress.

Black Tourmaline

Anxiety zaps any feelings of positivity and feeds into negativity. Black crystals and stones for anxiety, like Black Tourmaline, absorb these negative vibes so that they no longer hurt us.

Black Tourmaline wards off negative energy and creates a forcefield of protection around us to prevent future anxiety and worries from taking over again.


With Aquamarine, we can rid our aura of the heavy burden that anxiety and worry bring. Aquamarine’s cleansing, purifying essence restores our sense of balance so we feel at peace with our abilities to confront chaos.

Aquamarine fortifies our determination to live in positivity and provides us with the clarity and wisdom to know how to cope with any challenge.

How to Use These Crystals and Stones for Anxiety

While we can’t always control triggers of anxiety that arise in our lives, we can use crystals to secure a protective aura around us. Here are some ideas…

  • Wear crystal-embedded jewelry.
  • Carry tumbled stones with you.
  • Incorporate crystals in meditation.
  • Sleep with stones under your pillow.
  • Build a crystal grid to combat anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, we all experience moments of stress and anxiety brought on by the uncertainties of life. With crystals and stones for anxiety, we can face new challenges with peace and serenity. 

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