Dance with Stones merges the spiritual and scientific aspects of crystals and stones.

As a retired geologist, the owner, Julieta Wilson, can tell you all about how these specimens form and their vibrational properties, while her experience as a multidimensional energy healer means she can help you find the perfect stone to ease your pain, promote financial prosperity, or step into your personal power.

And that’s just what you’ll experience when you come to this rock shop in Houston, TX. It has a “small shop feel,” where Julieta and her customers get to know each other, and where each customer receives special attention.

In fact, every time a customer checks out, their purchase is purified with a Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony so that their crystals are immediately ready to help them heal and transform their lives.

If you’re looking for where to buy crystals in Houston, Dance with Stones is the ideal choice. With a large assortment of one-of-a-kind large crystals, geodes, crystal shapes, minerals, tumbled stones, fossils, and crystal jewelry, your heart will be led to the right piece(s) for you.

You’ll also find handcrafted décor, body care, books, candles, collectibles, and crystal infusions, as well as tools for angel healing, aromatherapy, chakra balancing, sound healing, and divination.

And of course, your experience wouldn’t be complete without the holistic services that are also offered at Dance with Stones, including crystal healing, Reiki healing, life coaching, psychic readings, meditation classes, Reiki classes, crystal healing classes, and more.

This crystal shop is where you can go to get inspired, raise your vibration, learn about crystals and minerals, assist your spiritual awakening, and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

In business since 2019, Dance with Stones is the fruition of Julieta’s 30-year dream to have her own crystal shop, where she could share her love of the science and spirituality of crystals and help others achieve the happiness, health, and abundance they desire.

The name, Dance with Stones embodies the idea that life is not about a scientific approach or a spiritual approach. It’s about believing in something beyond ourselves while at the same time believing in what science has taught us to be true. Some pray, some chant, and some dance with stones. We hope you’ll dance with us!

Are you a healer, energy worker, card reader, life coach, or any other type of holistic practitioner who is looking for a high vibrational space in Houston to share your gifts? Room rentals are available in our crystal store!

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