Green Crystals and Stones for Love, Abundance & Healing

Green symbolizes money, luck, and nature. We invite growth and wealth when we use green crystals and stones to usher abundance and prosperity into our lives.

Look to plants to understand the power of green! In plants, green indicates the functioning process of photosynthesis that transforms light waves into nourishment. All other bands of light are absorbed in a plant’s chlorophyll for energy, while green is reflected into the world.

For humans, green crystals and stones bring similar energy to the mind, body, and soul to nurture healthy growth, regenerative creativity, and fertile expansion. 

Our Favorite Green Crystals and Stones

To harness continuous, steady growth in our spiritual and physical realms, here are some of our favorite stones to attract abundance and wealth…


Like chlorophyll, Malachite reflects a range of intense green hues and transforms our actions into spiritual gifts.

With Malachite, we access new perspectives that invite in growth and abundance. We find the energy to put in the productive work we need to gain spiritual insights and wealth as they manifest into our everyday lives.


Among green crystals and stones, Peridot can maintain a steady flow of positivity into our auras as we work hard to find abundance. It works particularly well for wealth in relationships and love.

Peridot brings generative energy to attract like-minded, spiritual beings into our lives and to repel negative, evil people who want to zap away our positive mindset.

Green Aventurine

Luck isn’t a tangible tool we switch on and off – it is a quality in our mindset and beliefs. Green Aventurine activates luck by shifting any negativity and limiting thoughts we harbor towards positivity, optimism, and openness to gain abundance.

Green Aventurine feeds our heart so that we can act from our true passions. It gives us support and protection as we take creative routes to grow and prosper.


When we mention types of green crystals, Emerald, of course, jumps to mind! It reminds us that when we act according to our intentions and spiritual purpose, we can live in abundance and prosperity.

With a powerful connection to the heart chakra, Emerald instills the gift of self-love and compassion so that we forgive our missteps and focus on growth and expansion.   

Green Jade

Green Jade has been a stone of wealth and luck for centuries in many cultures. It has a calming energy that dispels the chaotic mess of negativity while attracting positive emotions and trust in divine intervention and healing.

Green Jade strengthens our mental capacity to focus on the path ahead and to avoid distractions meant to hurt and derail our progress. 

How to Use Green Crystals and Stones

Try any of these methods to increase the green, nourishing crystal energy in your life:

  • Place a small tumbled green stone in your wallet, purse, or pocket.
  • Decorate your home, especially the southeast and east areas, with green crystals.
  • Carry green crystals on a nature walk to enhance feelings of growth.

Final Thoughts

To gain prosperity and abundance, we must accept growth in our lives. With these different types of green crystals, we can embrace the work and progress needed to attain our dreams.

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