Bring Loving Energy Into Your Life With These Love Crystals and Stones

Whether it’s romantic passion or comforting self-love, nurture the heart with these love crystals and stones to reverberate loving energy inside and out.

Love doesn’t always come in the same way for everyone. Some might argue that familial love ranks most important, but for others, family doesn’t always provide us with the love we need.

The beauty of love is that it can spread spontaneously and unexpectedly between beings in ways we may not recognize at first. Love often arises between like-minded spirits who are ready and able to give and receive the care and nurturing of another.

Increase the loving energy you radiate to the world by using crystals to attract love to nourish the self and others.

Our Favorite Love Crystals and Stones

We can invite more love into our lives with the help of powerful stones for love. Let’s learn about some of our favorites…

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz packs the full essence of love. The delicate, cloudy pink of Rose Quartz helps to heal the pain of a broken heart so that we can remain open and receptive to new love. Its energy supports trust and compassion to allow us to protect our spirit while accepting others’ vulnerabilities.


Another crystal for love, Rhodonite guides us as we learn to give love. It unlocks the lessons of past relationships so we can recognize what we seek from love. Rhodonite brings balance in our lives so we feel uplifted and unburdened, carefree in how we give self-love or love to others.

Green Jade

Not always associated in most people’s minds with love crystals and stones, Green Jade generates wealth and prosperity in our relationships. Because green resonates with the heart chakra, Green Jade invites connections and friendships that lead to abundance and happiness.


Emerald brings a special power to romantic partnerships, giving off thriving energy to unite the hearts of those in love. It fosters compromise and cooperation so that lovers can discover a supportive, passionate path together.

Green Aventurine

In terms of love crystals and stones, Green Aventurine sparks the possibility of fulfillment through love. As the Stone of Opportunity, its energy reveals to us what we truly seek from love and happiness. This doesn’t mean we need to find a partner to give us love but rather to pursue our own passions with purpose so we can bring more love to ourselves and attract like-minded people.

How to Use These Crystals for Love

Used in combination or alone, these crystals offer us many ways to draw love near. Try one of these methods to feel loving energy enter your realm:

  • Hold them while meditating on love.
  • Wear necklaces embedded with love crystals.
  • Energize a love stone with your essence and give it to a partner or friend.

Final Thoughts

Love crystals and stones lead us towards divine connections that nurture our soul. Whether in communion with spirits, lovers, or ourselves, love fuels positivity, compassion, and joy that emanates from fulfilled beings to others in our presence.

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