Zodiac Stones for Libra: 5 Crystals to Support Your Strengths

Crisp air and warm flavors of autumn mean Libras will feel full and hearty. Keep these zodiac stones for Libra near to stay balanced and strong as the seasons change.

The fall equinox marks an approximate point of equilibrium, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Plus, it heralds in the Libra season. Like a point on the equator where this day-to-night balance is nearly constant, Libras want to stay steady throughout the year as they thrive on balance.

The realities of life can challenge the equilibrium of Libras. The chaos that gets lobbed in their path sometimes leads to apprehension, indecision, and lethargic action. With the help of Libra zodiac stones, they can find their sure footing again to shine as supportive, diplomatic guides for others.

5 Best Zodiac Stones for Libra

Libras have a natural affinity to grounding energy, which means they often need to work on their upper chakras to connect their emotions and thoughts to what happens around them. The following stones have particular strengths that bring us healing energy in the Libra season…


The water-like hue of Aquamarine reminds Libras to find balance in the everyday flow of life. Aquamarine encourages inner exploration of the mind to unleash tolerance and nonjudgmental thinking, as Libras sometimes close off their minds to alternative pathways to protect their feelings of stability.

Rose Quartz

Libras find energy in relationships, believing heavily in seeking their counterpart and counterweight. Issues arise, however, because they tend to invest their love disproportionately in favor of their partners or friends and forget the necessity of self-love.

Rose Quartz is therefore a potent zodiac stone for Libra. It reminds them to recognize their worth and to release resentments against those unable to give them equal love.


Continuing work in the heart chakra where Libras sometimes experience misalignment, Peridot protects Libras from debilitating feelings of guilt and regret in past connections that failed. Peridot’s stunning green color inspires them to see their natural beauty and infuse their spirit with positivity.


Among the zodiac stones for Libra, Ametrine – a mix of Amethyst and Citrine – works hardest to heal the spirit of those in this star sign. Ametrine inspires Libras to access and trust their intuition. This stone brings clarity of thought with commitment to action.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli infuses the sense of power that Libras can lose when they hesitate to make decisions for fear of disturbing the peace. Lapis Lazuli facilitates open, honest communication that harnesses Libras’ natural ability to be diplomatic and peaceful.

How to Use These Libra Zodiac Stones

Armed with incredible crystals to bring out the best qualities of Libra, consider using stones in ways that further nourish the Libra spirit, like these:

  • Carry crystals into nature and spend time soaking in the earth’s vibes.
  • Activate crystal singing bowls to echo balanced frequencies around you.
  • Place crystals on specific chakra nodes to restore balance.

Final Thoughts

With these zodiac stones for Libra, find the stable energy to harvest the best version of yourself aligned with your spiritual purpose and divine intuition.

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