Zodiac Stones for Capricorn: 5 Crystals to Bring Out Your Strengths

Capricorn season carries us through intense times, including the holidays, winter weather, and a new year. Find the drive to succeed through it with Zodiac stones for Capricorn.

As the year comes to a close and a new one emerges, we tend to mark the liminal stage with fresh resolutions and renewed intentions. Last year, we ranked focus on healthier lifestyles and wellbeing at the top of our new year transformation list. Whether we succeed in the year to come is yet to be seen, but the season of Capricorn is the ideal time to take firm steps towards our spiritual goals.

Capricorns have a reputation for reaching success, staying the long-haul with determination and drive to manifest their dreams. They tend to have a gift of resourcefulness and logic to make sensible, accomplishable plans. However, Capricorns can lose sight of balance and set work and success as the main priority over spiritual fulfillment and rest.

5 Best Zodiac Stones for Capricorn

With these crystals, Capricorns can energize their focus while tapping into their sense of humor to bring joy and creativity along the way.


This gorgeous red stone extends the roots of Capricorns into the earth so that they feel grounded and strong as they tackle challenges ahead. Garnet ignites courage and confidence to fortify an unwavering commitment to action and intention. It balances emotions by demolishing negativity and doubt.


The color, green, activates our heart chakra, the bridge between our place on earth and our soul in the universe. Malachite’s brilliant striations of green instill a patient heart guided by intuition and intellect. Also known as the Stone of Transformation, this Zodiac stone for Capricorn stimulates our creativity so we can dare to take new roads forward.

Mookaite Jasper

The willingness to move ahead towards our goals inevitably invites challenges and obstacles we may not foresee. Capricorn Zodiac stones equip us to remain alert and steadfast on our true goals, and Mookaite Jasper sharpens our mental acuity to recognize the direction our intentions will lead us.

Aura Quartz

A unique Zodiac stone for Capricorn, Aura Quartz includes a central Clear Quartz fused with precious metals. Aura Quartz, especially with Titanium, boosts Capricorn energy by purifying our aura of any negativity or evil. This makes room for new ideas and inspiration to take root.

Black Onyx

To keep us safe, Black Onyx creates a vibrational shield that protects us from ill intentions that knock us off our path. Black Onyx empowers us to confront our doubts and fears and to practice resilience as we accomplish our goals. 

How to Use These Capricorn Zodiac Stones

We can all embrace Capricorn energy this season when we use these crystals to inspire new action. Here are a few ways to start:

  • Wear Crystal Jewelry – The vibrant hues of these stones carry us through the winter season.
  • Place Stones at Work – Set them on a desktop or shelf in an office to resonate confidence.
  • Do Morning Meditation With Crystals – A great way to jumpstart the day with focus, intention, and inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Zodiac stones for Capricorn unleash our motivation and creativity to set new goals and work hard for what can truly fulfill us in the future.

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