Zodiac Stones for Aquarius

We made big plans to transform our habits and health this year. Zodiac stones for Aquarius keep us steady and focused, honoring the past as we mold our futures.

We’ve said, “New Year, New Me.” The weeks have passed, and we’ve made some shifts yet feel resistant to change for all kinds of reasons: loss of control, fear of disappointment, ghosts of past resentments, and honestly, doubts that we can do it. Luckily, these last weeks of January enter into the age of Aquarius, and Aquarians are masters of transformation.

Aquarians lives for change – out with the old and in with the new. They are prepared to start a revolution if it means bringing about real, meaningful change. They want to see others succeed in their metamorphosis, but that also means they sometimes get lost themselves, fixated on blazing the trail forward.

5 Best Zodiac Stones for Aquarius

With these stones, Aquarians and all of us traversing this transformative season can find balance between our past foundations and future possibilities.


This crystal connects with the lunar cycle, nature’s perfect example of release and renewal. Moonstone represents new beginnings, giving off a gently swaying energy that teaches us to flow with change instead of hurriedly plowing into it.

In helping others change, Aquarians tend to forget to listen and trust themselves. Moonstone hones intuition so we can listen to our natural wisdom.


This Aquarius Zodiac stone has an out-of-this-world essence. In terms of the cosmos, Saturn and Uranus exert major energy during Aquarian season, but this combination becomes overpowering and chaotic. Celestite tempers this effect and aids us in leaning on our spirituality for healing.


Aquarians value social justice and fostering peace and harmony, but given all the forces acting  in the world, they can grow angry and disillusioned at the pace of others. This blue-green zodiac stone for Aquarius emits a calming vibe to reduce stress and anger. Aquamarine activates the throat chakra, coaxing Aquarians to express their needs with clarity and patience. 

Black Onyx

If not evident yet, Aquarians have a lot of energy to carry out their work. That can overwhelm many though, so Black Onyx helps return balance by soothing emotions and pain. This zodiac stone for Aquarius reins in their energy, reminding Aquarians to ground and rest sometimes too.


Amethyst is a fitting crystal for Aquarius because it is a February birthstone. Amethyst helps with focus so that we spend time visualizing our plans and making intentional decisions. It melds the past with the future so that we can understand where we came from and how it leads us on the path we are going.

How to Use These Aquarius Zodiac Stones

Aquarians take action, so use powerful crystals as tools for progress and growth:

  • Give yourself a hand massage – rub a tumbled stone between your hands to harness its energy.
  • Place one on your workspace – put a crystal on your desk or nearby shelf to bring focus.
  • Use them in meditation – slow down to think with these stones guiding your mind’s journey.
  • Wear them as jewelry – an easy way to keep healing vibes near while your hands work for change.

Final Thoughts

These zodiac stones for Aquarius can help us herald in big transformations in our lives that we can appreciate and treasure as we move forward in the year.

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