What to Look for in a Crystals and Stones Shop

We can find crystals and stones shops to meet our healing stone needs, but not all of these shops are considered equal. Let’s learn how to spot a store that brings the right level of care and attention to holistic wellbeing.

Crystal shops offer so much more than “just” rocks. Beautiful stones and crystals form deep within the earth and surface after millennia of erosion and expansion for us to meet and appreciate.

What makes rocks valuable lies in their powerful healing properties. Knowing where to buy crystals and stones leads us to communities of holistic wellbeing. We find true experts with experience in spiritual healing practices.

What to Look for in a Crystals and Stones Shop

Considering the amazing effects that crystals have on our physical, mental, and spiritual health, we need to pay attention to the places we shop for these stones.

Consider these key indicators of reputable shops for healing crystals…

A Small Shop Feel

Despite the convenience that mass online retailers provide, small businesses are thriving even after a year replete with social distancing. Because of the personal touches of small shops – even online – sellers can consult directly with customers to acknowledge their real needs and meet them.

This special attention means that time isn’t wasted rummaging through a pile of stones but rather offers a perfect healing stone match.

Spiritual & Scientific Knowledge of Stones

Not every crystal shop owner has a degree in geology (we’re one of the lucky ones that does!). Nonetheless, to really understand how the vibrational properties of crystals work, a knowledge and respect for the interplay science and spirituality in stones matters.

This shows willingness to believe in something greater than our earthly existence while seeking to explore the knowledge and explanations of science.

Special Care for All Crystals

The varied properties of crystals means that each type needs special care to clarify the energy they absorb. A crystal shop should prioritize cleansing stones before passing them on to their new owner.

At Dance With Stones, we perform a Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony for every customer – online or in-store – to ensure that the moment a stone arrives, they immediately experience healing and renewal.

A Large Assortment of Crystals

We can develop an intimate connection with one stone, but it’s important to explore many stones for different frequencies and resonances to find what truly suits us. That’s why finding a shop with a large selection when looking for where to buy crystals and stones is best.

That way, we can see which stones activate deep aspects of our being, which we might not find with only a few rocks on display.

Holistic Services on Site

Owning a crystal infuses healing into our lives, and other practices can enhance this process. A crystals and stones shop offering holistic services on site demonstrates the passion to use stones in healing work.

These services include things like Reiki and crystal healing sessions, life coaching and healing workshops, psychic and tarot card readings, and more.

Final Thoughts

Visiting a crystals and stone shop can lead to new avenues of healing and support beyond the powerful stones you buy. If you’re local to Houston, TX, stop in and visit us at Dance With Stones. We offer everything you see above!

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