Protection Crystal Jewelry: Why Gemstones & Symbols Work

Our world throws uncertainty and danger in our path, but we don’t have to shrink in fear. Wearing protection crystal jewelry arms us to conquer fear and doubt.

One of the most resplendent garments, the High Priest’s breastplate featured a variety of protective gemstones to help the priest divine wisdom from the heavens so he could offer guidance and protection to humans on earth. Though a stunning work of art, a gilded, stone-inlaid breastplate isn’t very handy to tote in our day-to-day movements.

Instead, crystal jewelry for protection allows us to harness powerful stone energy and keep our bodiy, mind, and spirit safe from negative influences and strong in our convictions and callings.

Why Protection Crystal Jewelry Works

While there’s no doubt this kind of jewelry is stunning, what’s even better is how potently protective crystals work in our everyday lives.

Certain Crystals Emit Protection Frequencies

Built within the crystalline structure of every stone is a sort of energetic frequency. Crystals that are adept at guarding our minds and spirits emit especially high frequencies. These vibrations banish evil and negative thoughts and energy from our physical proximity.

Protection crystal jewelry that is embedded with these types of stones have the ability to push out the low energetic pulses that cause fear, doubt, and worry.

Symbols Tap Into the Knowledge of the Collective Consciousness

Jewelry replete with stones for protection serve as symbols of our trust in divine power to carry us through hardships and danger. By wearing our spiritual beliefs for others to see, we add to a collective consciousness that is willing to confront evil and injustice.

When collective minds work together, they can bring into actuality the safe, nourishing spiritual spaces we need to grow and thrive.

Amulets Work Through Intention

Intentions help us connect our mental thoughts with our spiritual purposes. One of the greatest ways to engage with protection crystal jewelry comes from setting and acknowledging these intentions. Having a bracelet, ring, or necklace resting against our skin sends a constant stream of energy that reminds us to reflect and act mindfully.

When we feel guided by healthy, inspired thoughts, we feel more secure and stable in our everyday lives.

Best Crystals to Wear for Protection

When we realize the power of crystal jewelry for protection, we can look to a variety of the best gemstones to shield us. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Amethyst – A wonder crystal to inspire spiritual exploration that reveals our soul’s armor.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Activating the third eye, it sparks our intuition, our own protective ability.
  • Howlite – Its sinuous veins give us a point of focus to calm the mind and ask for guidance.
  • Labradorite – This stone helps us communicate our fears and realize their powerlessness.
  • Selenite – Its connection to our crown chakra accesses divine wisdom to protect our inner spirit. 

Final Thoughts

Protection crystal jewelry pulsates a light sense of security and guardianship offered to us from divine beings who are ready and willing to help us when we need them the most.

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