Orange Crystals and Stones for Authenticity, Enjoyment & Inspiration

Find vibrancy and motivation with orange crystals and stones to light up your auras with joyful, sacral energy. Let’s learn all about them now!

A sunny day almost always infuses us with a moment of pure happiness – even when 90+ degree temperatures might accompany it. We need Vitamin D for strong, healthy bones, and in small doses, the sun can provide us healing vibrational light.

For the rest of the time, we can get a constant sense of the sun’s presence with orange healing crystals for spiritual and mental benefits.

Orange crystals reflect the energy of the sun – bright, joyful, radiant, and powerful. They give nourishment to the sacral chakra, where our sensual, creative identity lies.

Our Favorite Orange Crystals and Stones

To foster inspiration, endurance, and happiness, start with these amazing crystals to energize your mood…


Carnelian glows a fiery orange that sparks an immense feeling of strength and courage. When we feel confident and empowered, we find the motivation to pursue passion and intimacy. Carnelian also harbors a calm balance to the ferocity we channel by keeping us from growing aggressive.


Among orange crystals and stones, Sunstone represents the solar best – it’s in the name after all! Sunstone inspires us to explore our individuality. With its energy, we uncover and radiate our unique gifts that equip ourselves to lead others like a sunbeam of light. 


Composed of natural minerals and stones, Goldstone is actually a manmade glass. But that doesn’t diminish its power amidst other orange crystals and stones. The Stone of Ambition, Goldstone’s origin in alchemical practices demonstrates that creativity and motivates our access to connect to divine healing.

Goldstone is useful in repelling negativity and giving clarity of mind to reflect on our inner desires.

Mookaite Jasper

Known as the Mother Earth Stone because of its earthy, red clay colors, Mookaite Jasper provides grounding energy to feed vitality and strength into our auras. Found only in an indigenously inhabited region of Australia, around Mooka Creek, its name means “running waters” in an Aboriginal language.

Mookaite Jasper unleashes our instincts so that we recognize our potential to live vibrantly.

Petrified Wood

An incredibly special type of crystal, Petrified Wood is actually fossilized plants, usually tree trunks. Petrified Wood harnesses ancient energy to root us to earth even as we reach for the sun in the sky. It instills focus and determination to attain our greatest dreams.

How to Use Orange Healing Crystals

These stones are meant to encourage playfulness and individuality, so try to creatively incorporate them into your life. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Wear orange crystal jewelry for unique style.
  • Sit in a well-lit window and hold an orange crystal to your sacral chakra during meditation.
  • Build a crystal grid in the shape of a sun using several shades of orange stones.

Final Thoughts

Orange crystals and stones glimmer with bits of light and sunshine. When we turn to these stones for healing, we find our path illuminated in plentiful, vital energy to lead us to abundance, happiness, and our fullest potential.

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