How to Wear Amethyst Crystal Jewelry for Spiritual Growth

A divine essence with deep-rooted origins, Amethyst reigns over spiritual wellbeing. Amethyst crystal jewelry unleashes healing auras from these powerful stones.

Examining over a century of writing, research, and philosophies about religion and spirituality, a vast field considers their ties to health – mental and physical – and emphasizes greater attention to spirituality in healing.

Crystals pack immense energetic frequencies. The queen of these healing stones is Amethyst. Its energy soothes, strengthens, balances, and hones our intuitive sensors. Wearing Amethyst jewelry enhances our access to its constant vibrations.

How to Wear Amethyst Crystal Jewelry for Spiritual Growth

Amethyst, whose name etymologically links to the Greek word, ametusthos or “not intoxicated,” aids us in remaining clearheaded, focused, and intentional in everything we do.

Wear Amethyst Earrings to Open Your Third Eye

Amethyst’s true realm lies in nurturing our third eye and crown chakras. By wearing a pair of Amethyst earrings, you place the stone within the aura of these chakras so that the crystal can open and protect your third eye.

Wear an Amethyst Necklace to Open Your Heart

The beauty of this stone, besides its vibrant purple tones, lies in its application across our entire chakra system. Not limited to the third eye, Amethyst crystal jewelry worn around the neck invites healing frequencies to surround your heart.

Wear an Amethyst Bracelet to Balance Spirituality & Groundedness

Although our chakras run along the spine, we can think more full body. Our roots connect to the earth at our feet, and we grow tall and strong through our legs. We access our emotions and intellect in the upper reaches, through the heart and brain.

An Amethyst bracelet links our spiritual essence with our stable grounding in the earth and helps us maintain balance as we explore these two areas.

Wear an Amethyst Ring to Concentrate Healing

It’s amazing to think about what we do and create with our hands. When we adorn our fingers in Amethyst rings, we transform them into healing vectors. We can move our hands to different points and chakra nodes along our body and apply touch to spread Amethyst’s vibrations where we feel we need it most.

Wear Amethyst Crystal Jewelry While You Meditate

Wearing jewelry all day gives us the benefit of consistent Amethyst energy, but we can also improve our spiritual practices by including jewelry. When you meditate, put on a variety of Amethyst pieces. Its vibrations will reverberate between stones, creating a crystal grid of Amethyst over your body.

Wear Amethyst Jewelry While Journaling

There are many journaling techniques for spiritual learning – gratitude, goal-setting, and the lunar cycle, for example. By wearing Amethyst crystals, especially as rings, when you write, you focus energy into your task to open your thoughts and heart for the true expression of what’s in your spirit.

Final Thoughts

Nurturing and sustaining our spirituality comes with immeasurable benefits to holistic health and wellbeing. Adding Amethyst crystal jewelry as a marker of spirituality and healing is an incredible step to feeling whole, purposeful, and at peace.

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