How to Use Crystals and Stones in Your Daily Life

Crystals are beautiful, but they possess so much more. Finding new ways for how to use crystals and stones leads to deeper connection to divine energy. Let’s learn how you can use them in your day to day life now!

We choose the colors, textures, and patterns to put in our wardrobe and our homes because these elements resonate with us. Similarly, crystals attract our senses. While we might choose them for their beauty and colors, we can use crystals for their healing properties as well.

By learning techniques to use crystals, we access the intrinsic properties in these stones,  amplifying and glorifying their healing vibrations.

How to Use Crystals and Stones: 10 of Our Favorite Methods

There are so many methods for using crystals, and we want to share some of the ones we find most effective and easiest to begin practicing…

Create a Crystal Grid

Crystal grids combine crystal frequencies with sacred shapes to meet intentions. Building a crystal grid in a safe space reverberates healing energy even when we step away from the grid.

Carry Them in Your Pocket

Placing small tumbled stones in your pocket or purse secures stones tightly to your side so that the crystals’ frequencies can penetrate your aura at all times.

Display Them

Simply being in the presence of crystals matters. When we carefully display them in our homes or on our desks, we let crystal energy surround us and work its healing magic.

Wear Them in Jewelry

Jewelry encrusted with crystals allows us to display our spiritual lifestyle while targeting specific areas of healing depending on where we wear it on the body.

Bathe With Them

By steeping stones in a relaxing bath, our bodies and minds can absorb their healing gifts. Before you use crystals in the bathtub, check for water insolubility as not all stones are suitable.

Make an Elixir With Them

One of our favorite methods for how to use crystals and stones is drinking elixirs. When you do this, be sure to research which stones can be put in water and aren’t dangerous to ingest. Make a delicious warm or cold brew tea by steeping crystals and drinking in their healing energies.

Give Them as Gifts

An incredible way to access healing comes from sharing with others. Give crystals as gifts. We can cleanse and package crystals in order to preserve their clarified state as they pass from giver to receiver.

Journal With Them

Journaling offers an important release to our thoughts and emotions. Knowing how to use crystals and stones with journaling is simple! Just hold one in your hand or set it carefully beside you while you write.

Learn About Them & Their Frequencies

A key way to work with crystals is to understand what they can do and what their natural vibrations are. Study them and practice using them.

Meditate With Them

We’ve saved the absolute best way to use crystals and stones for last! Meditate with crystals by holding them in your hand or resting them on your chakras as you sit in stillness.

Final Thoughts

With these methods for how to use crystals and stones, you can continue to explore and cultivate a deep connection to your healing tools.

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