How to Store Crystals and Stones: Organize & Protect Your Stones

Learn how to store crystals and stones in order to protect their powerful healing energies and to maintain their gorgeous, natural essence.

This may come as a shock, but diamonds don’t necessarily last forever. When a shift occurs in the integral component of a diamond’s unique shape, known as crystalline lattice, it transforms into the structure of graphite. Although a complex, energy-intensive process, a diamond can go from a valuable gemstone to the common matter inside a school pencil!

Taking care of how we store crystals ensures that we protect our precious jewels from property-altering processes that can change their potency and healing abilities.

How to Store Crystals & Stones

When we store our crystals, we don’t have to hide them away, but we should keep in mind that stones and crystals are sensitive to different environmental conditions, like sunlight or humidity.

Here are some of the best ways to keep our precious healing stones safe…

Display Them on an Altar

For those crystals that thrive in the light, create an altar display where the stones can rest when not in use for healing purposes. Altars for crystals should be kept simple and clutter-free because they can absorb the energies of other objects around them.

Installing a hanging wall shelf or dedicating a bookshelf solely to crystals can ensure that these healers have an energetic presence in the room while ensuring they are respected and left undisturbed by observers.

Keep Them in Fabric Pouches

When looking for how to store crystals and stones that are particularly fragile, use fabric pouches. Letting fabric embrace the edges of natural and tumbled stones gives them a soft sanctuary to recharge and rest.

Small bags made of natural fibers – like cotton or linen – are especially nurturing to the stones. Synthetic fabrics are not suggested as they have undergone manufactured processes that carry energies unbecoming to these natural beauties.

Place Them in a Box

Dedicating a special box to crystals and stones demonstrates how sacred these healing tools are to us. Boxes in myriad shapes and colors can resonate different energies to different people and can be a way to bring creativity into our holistic practices.

Antique stores often have beautiful old boxes. Just make sure to sense any remaining energy or spirits in the box and cleanse it before placing crystals inside.

Organize Them With Drawer Dividers

Assigning a drawer in an altar table or dresser puts healing crystals in an easily accessible place. Dividing the drawer into compartments better organizes crystals so that when we seek to balance or activate a particular energy, we can quickly find the right stone.

Drawer dividers are easy to find at office supply stores or you can make your own with craft materials.

Different Ways to Organize Your Crystals

Here are a few systematic categories for how to store crystals and stones:

  • By color
  • By chakra
  • By shape
  • By form – natural, pointed, or tumbled

Final Thoughts

When we attentively address how to store crystals and stones, we ensure that their healing energy will carry through this lifetime, and maybe even to realms beyond.

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