How to Balance Your Energy With Chakra Crystal Jewelry

Our bodies emit a variety of energies generated by our myriad thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Chakra crystal jewelry helps us bring them into a perfect balance.

The energy around us influences the energy we, in turn, exude to the world. The people, messages, and environments we surround ourselves with mold our choices, personalities, and emotions. This also means our own energy resonates and impacts others.

To make sure we offer positive, uplifting vibes to others and to protect the energy of our personal aura, we can practice keeping our chakras balanced and aligned with the healing frequencies of crystals.

How to Balance Your Energy With Chakra Crystal Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to incorporate crystal energy into everyday living is to wear jewelry embedded with these powerful stones. To work on the seven chakra nodes, consider these colorful combinations…

Wear All 7 Chakra Stones in One Piece of Jewelry

The seven chakras correspond with the light spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. Each node receives nourishing vibrations from a specific band of color.

Wearing jewelry featuring stones in all seven colors – like our Chakra/Mandala Pendant or Lava Stone – 7 Chakras bracelet – invites full systemic alignment.

Wear White Crystals Near Your Crown Chakra

White crystals in chakra stone jewelry amplify our connection with the divine, in whatever form we find it. A necklace pendant of Selenite or Pearl earrings placed on the upper body best target the crown chakra.

Wear Purple Crystals Near Your Third Eye

Purple chakra crystal jewelry like an Amethyst bracelet help us access deep spiritual intuition to maintain trust in our own instincts.

Wear Blue Crystals Near Your Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra empowers our voice and communication so that we can share our truth with others. Blue stones, especially Lapis Lazuli, worn in a necklace or earrings boost our confidence to speak out.

Wear Green Crystals Near Your Heart Chakra

EmeraldMalachite, and other green crystals embedded in chakra crystal jewelry focus energy on the heart, an important node that aligns our spiritual chakras with our rooted, earthly chakras.

Wear Yellow Crystals Near Your Solar Plexus

Our Solar Plexus accesses individual strengths and gifts. With yellow crystals like Tiger’s Eye or Citrine, we empower ourselves to act with intention to inspire those around us.

Wear Orange Crystals Near Your Sacral Chakra

We gain passion and enthusiasm through the sacral chakra. It’s crucial for emotional strength and optimism to keep this node healthy with the influence of orange crystals, like Carnelian and Pyrite, in chakra stone jewelry.

Wear Red Crystals Near Your Root Chakra

To build a foundation for balance, our roots need the stabilizing energy of red crystals, such as Red Jasper and Garnet. These stones grow our roots on earth so we can explore the divine galaxy in spiritual practice.

Final Thoughts

When we actively work to heal our auras with chakra crystal jewelry, we send healing vibrations to others through the powerful stones we wear. We also generate and share intentional energy through this mindful action.

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