Fertility Crystals and Stones: Support Conception & Pregnancy

From a spark of an idea to intense hours of labor, babies bring excitement and anxiety. Fertility crystals and stones help promote smooth, happy pregnancies.

The first signs of pregnancy cause a flutter of emotions. The months ahead usher in unique, indescribable experiences for a woman’s physical, mental, and spiritual auras. This can be intense and nerve-wracking. Perinatal depression is more common than many people may recognize.

When we take extra care to nourish not just the health of growing life inside but also our own changing bodies, we acknowledge the concerns of our mind and spirit and embark on the incredible journey with confidence.

Crystals and stones for fertility access deep recesses of our worries to help us flow with the transitions of our physical being and maternal spirit.

5 Best Fertility Crystals and Stones

These healing stones stimulate vital hormonal processes and emit calming energy to mitigate the uncertainties of conception and pregnancy.

Unakite Jasper

The green and pink pattern of Unakite Jasper mirrors the beautiful texture of a mossy forest floor where new growth and life cycles are in constant flux.

Among fertility crystals and stones, Unakite Jasper has an uncanny vibration of optimism and anticipation to foster thoughts of health and happiness for the baby to come. While it generates excitement, Unakite Jasper also grounds and centers a woman with the earth to wait patiently for the development of a beautiful new beginning.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz nurtures love throughout the process of building a family. Its cool pink color soothes those in the waves of conception, feeding self-love to those struggling to accept what their physical body must endure.

Rose Quartz continues during pregnancy to increase a woman’s confidence in her body and mind in motherhood and to form a loving bond with the baby.


Moonstone serves as a master of fertility crystals and stones because of the intense feminine energy represented in the moon.

The moon has long symbolized new beginnings, and Moonstone’s gentle glow invites infant life to take root inside a mother. Its energetic frequency aids in balancing hormones, the key to a healthy pregnancy.


Blue Aquamarine cleanses our auras so that we have a clean slate to welcome something new, like a baby. It also carries mothers across the sometimes tumultuous waters of pregnancy by infusing calm, go-with-the-flow energy to accept the joys and discomfort that babies can bring.


Frankly, the decision to start a family invites a flood of uncertainty and fear. Lepidolite’s properties are particularly strong in healing self-doubt, especially in the face of conception and fertility issues.

Fertility crystals and stones like Lepidolite don’t just offer good health during pregnancy but help restore calm and confidence as a woman strengthens her body to accept new life in it.

How to Use Fertility Crystals

Try some of these methods to bring peace and tranquility to your mind and body throughout conception and pregnancy:

  • Gently rest them on your growing belly as you sit in stillness to connect with baby.
  • Wear eye-catching crystal jewelry to spark passionate, loving energy – even when the baby is still in the making.
  • Feel lighter in a bath and submerge crystals (if water-soluble) or place them along the edge of the tub.

Final Thoughts

Crystals and stones for fertility are a gift for mothers to learn kindness, nurturing, and self-care even with the demands of new life growing inside.

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