Blue Crystal Jewelry: Bring in Peace & Positive Communication

We often find inspiration in a pure blue sky. Blue crystal jewelry reflects the sky’s cleansing beauty to wash over us as we express our truths and seek inspiration.

We see the blue sky because of the short light waves of blue light bouncing around the matter in the atmosphere – those short waves make blue connect and communicate with more particles while other colors with longer wavelengths get absorbed.

Blue light waves may be active and high energy, but the effect that the color has on us is cooling and calming. Blue stone jewelry captures the unique vibration of this color, a soothing frequency that allows us to connect and communicate with many other spiritual beings we meet.

The Benefits of Blue Crystal Jewelry

As a color that seems to blend with every tone and pattern, blue stones match every style. Even more, blue crystals add energy to attract nurturing connection and unimpeded communication.

Here’s what they can do for us…

Brings in Peaceful Energy

The cool energy evoked by blue crystals soothes our auras – physical, mental, and spiritual. By embracing the tranquil feeling blue stones offer us, we give off a sense of peace that attracts others to share in nourishing patience.

Enhances Communication

Like flowing water, the essence of blue crystal jewelry helps us to truly communicate with others. When thoughts and ideas can move freely between us, we experience clearer, more open streams that connect us in inspiring ways.

Improves Self Expression

As communication opens, expression isn’t always easy. Blue stones aid us in discovering new ways to speak and tell the world what drives our intention. But it doesn’t always involve talking – we can unleash incredible creativity through art, movement, and action.

Promotes Balance

Because blue crystal jewelry combines both the image of the sky and the sea in its luminescent color, it signifies the delicate yet perfect balance of nature and the earth in the cosmos. Thus, by wearing pieces with blue gemstones, we imbue harmony and equilibrium into our physical realm.

Opens the Throat Chakra

Connected to the throat chakra, the color, blue, activates and opens this node. The ability of these crystals to encourage sincere, compassionate connection and honesty supports a healthy, strong throat chakra, so that we can find words to convey our deepest spiritual messages. 

Best Ways to Wear Blue Stone Jewelry

Gorgeous jewelry embedded with blue crystals can benefit wearers no matter how we put them on. Here are a few ways to intentionally wear jewelry to access blue stone energy:

  • As a necklace to match what’s in your heart with what you need to say
  • As a bracelet to guide your hands to new expressive avenues of creativity
  • As earrings to focus your thoughts on profound connection and harmony

Final Thoughts

Blue crystal jewelry emits a purifying essence to invite us to speak our spiritual truths and find like-minded relationships that bring us peace, calm, and harmony.

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