Black Crystal Jewelry: Ground & Protect Yourself On-the-Go

Black creates an illusion of emptiness that we can fill with spiritual truth. Wear black crystal jewelry and be led to the knowledge you need to grow in light.

Early in life, many of us experienced a fear of the dark – unknowns and creepy crawlers lurking where light didn’t touch. In reality though, the only thing hidden in the darkness were colors, absorbed away without light. In fact, darkness or a void of black is actually a portal to our vision – physical and spiritual.

Melatonin, a hormone actually produced in a part of our eyes, plays a key role in our mental capacities and ability to grow and learn. Without healthy levels of melatonin, our brains lose acuity. The best way to support the growth of these crucial cells is to give our bodies over to time in the darkness and sleep.

While we are awake, though, we can harness the darkness through black stone jewelry to find added healing benefits.

The Benefits of Black Crystal Jewelry

Even void of color, black stones contain a luster that inspires and energizes our aura. Here’s how…

They Protect Us

Black crystals send their energetic frequencies into every level of our being. The immense protective strength of these stones combat negative vibrations. For those doubts and troubles that arise from within us, black stones take them and change them into positive energy that carries us forward.

They Ground Us

Just as a good night sleep returns us to stillness to gather a healthy dose of melatonin, black crystal jewelry grounds us for an infusion of earth’s natural medicine.

They Help Us Tap Into Our Dark Side

If we seek spiritual consciousness, our journey will inevitably lead us to take a frank look within. We might not always like what we find – our dark side may be overpowering the light and preventing us from truly realizing our intentions and purpose.

Black crystals peel back the layers to allow us to fully understand our vices and weaknesses so that we can heal and learn to transform their power over our actions.

They Support the Root Chakra

Resonating with the root chakra, black crystals reverberate a similar vibration to the earth, amplifying its soothing effect. Black crystal jewelry aids in maintaining our tether to the earth even as we dive deep into our souls.

They Help Us Feel Empowered

More than anything, black stones provide us with courage and fortitude to feel strong and able to face all obstacles ahead. When we embrace darkness, we discover that it isn’t rife with fear but rather with knowledge.

Best Ways to Wear Black Stone Jewelry

Let jewelry studded in black crystals become as crucial to your wardrobe as a little black dress, but way more versatile:

  • Earrings ground our thoughts so we can focus on spiritual growth.
  • Bracelets guide our actions in the direction of light.
  • Necklaces absorb pain and confusion that muddles matters of our heart.

Final Thoughts

There’s undeniable beauty in black crystal jewelry. We need these stones in our lives to enable deeper exploration into ever more distant and darker universes so that we can discover divine connection and enlightenment.

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