Amber Properties: Bring in Positivity & Life Force Energy

A unique gemstone, Amber encapsulates life, wisdom, and inspiration. Amber properties expand healing modes and energetic pulses to boost health and wellbeing.

It seems like a substance cooked up in a science fiction novel, but Amber is a truly natural byproduct of ancient trees. Trapped within its grasp have been fantastic, phantasmic beings, as evidenced by preserved Jurassic plants, bugs, and feathers.

While its protective armor may be obvious, Amber provides even more energy for spiritual renewal and beautiful physical and mental wellbeing.

Amber Properties & Benefits

A member of a small, elite category of gemstones, Amber consists of resin rather than minerals. Excreted from prehistoric trees, it has hardened over millennia, capturing the essence of time, and preserving incredible wisdom for us to access today.

Brings in Positivity

Something about the rich honey-like hues of this stone brings deep Amber meaning. Ranging from pale yellow to vibrant orange, it harnesses sun energy to shine joy and optimism throughout our auras.

Boosts Life Force Energy

Another one of Amber properties that demonstrates incredible meaning is the stone’s ability to conduct heat and to even ignite. When rubbed, Amber warms up, and its surface becomes somewhat malleable, enough to be carved.

In this way, it demonstrates and amplifies the life force energy we all have – our vital ability to transform and ignite our passion.

Stimulates Mental Capacities

Imagine the tides Amber has weathered through millions of years and what this substance has witnessed along the way. These thoughts inspire us to dream big, trust the cosmos, and use keen judgement in every direction of our lives.

Supports the Immune System

Since it literally locks and preserves life within it, Amber properties include an immune system boost. When we keep Amber near, its organic vibrations inspire us to mind our physical health, which in turn hones our immunity to be at peak performance when we need it most.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

The constant, subtle circulation of heat throughout Amber helps keep our digestion on track. By using Amber in our repertoire of health tools, we increase our metabolism and filter healing energy through our vital organs like the kidneys, bladder, and liver.

How to Use Amber Stones

With deep Amber meaning, we can enliven our everyday with influences that have survived the cycles of time. Try finding new ways, like these, to incorporate Amber into daily use and spiritual practice:

  • Wear Amber Stone Jewelry – Who doesn’t love an earthy, honey-toned pendant?
  • Hold Amber When Creating – The heat from the stone will soothe and clear your mind.
  • Keep Amber Near During Sickness – Set it by your bed for healing vibrations when on the mend.

Final Thoughts

With Amber properties, there are endless ways to inspire us to cultivate wellness and awareness in the time we have and to celebrate ancient knowledge that guides our way. 

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